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Etqan Security Services provide skilled and experience, DPS trained and certified static guards that can effectively secure your building, such as offices and warehouses, control the crowds, politely handle any attempted burglary or theft cases. Our onsite security officer will take care of your valuable property day and night with tight security check and inspections towards any visitors. Our Static guards also be a helpful hand in escorting your visitors or staffs every day or during emergency drill. Our static guards will secure the in and out access of your building from unwanted personnel.

We offer patrolling services to clients of residential areas or business environments with 24/7 tight security patrol and enforcement. Parking handling and enforcement services, theft, burglary prevention, and any other safety issues. Our committed and professional security patrol services will utilize the patrol routine by responding to any emergency situation, vehicle inspection, parking enforcement, vacant building inspection and other services. Our patrolling services are also responsible to write and record every report of the patrol activity in detailed for the clients.

Etqan Security Services provides guards for the central monitoring system. Our security personals are trustworthy and reliable during any 24/7 emergency situations no matter where you are. Our dedicated team will be able to help you in monitoring and upgrading your security system, whenever your alarm goes off, burglar incident, fire alarm, you will feel more protected as we give 24 hours and 7 days’ assistance for all clients.

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